Cast counterweight model from China Foundry

Cast counterweight model from China
  • Cast counterweight model from China
  • Cast counterweight model from China
  • Cast counterweight model from China

Cast counterweight model from China


OEM processing customization

The primary advantage of sand casting is that it can be used to make almost any type of metal object. The sand can be a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors. This is because the sand grain size and shape are determined by the mold. Other important properties of sand include refractory strength, heat resistance, and reuse.

The sand molds in sand casting are usually made of sand and metal. The molten metal is poured into the mold cavity and then allowed to cool. Once the mold is complete, the metal is attached to the sand. The metal solidifies when it is removed from the mold. The molten material is attached to the sand casting. Then, the sand is removed.

In sand casting, the molds are used to make the final products. Typically, the sand-cast molds are two-piece molds that can be re-used multiple times. Besides, a sand-cast mold may contain cores, which are hollow cavities that redirect the molten metal and form the geometry of the final product. The two pieces of the mold are separated and a refractory wash is used to help the part release from the mold and protect the mold.



steel casting

Place of Origin

China  Zhejiang

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Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel


Customized according to customer's requirements


OEM processing customization


Auto parts, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, metal products, outdoor metal products, hydraulic parts


Our Craft

Reliable steel casting manufacturer

Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and finished products in carbon steel and low alloy steel, is a supplier of investment castings with water glass process in China. We are also leading OEM Cast counterweight model from China manufacturers.

It consists of 2 major facilities, both steel casting foundry and CNC machining factory which enable us to supply both precision castings and finished products with an annual production capacity of over 10000 tons, and the products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world. We own Advanced foundry that custom Cast counterweight model from China.

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